You all know by now that I go in fits & starts with this thing. Sometimes I’m super inspired & churn out a couple of posts a week for several months straight. Other (more frequent) times, I’ll get busy or lazy & you won’t hear from me at all for an entire season. So if you’re just dying to know what I’m up to in the interim, you can always follow me on Twitter & Instagram, which I update semi-regularly. (…Oh, who am I kidding, if I’m not asleep or in the shower, you can be certain that I’m refreshing them maniacally. #FOMO) The links are at the bottom of my home page. Be warned though that interspersed with concert pics & travel pics & outfit-of-the-day pics, you’ll have to deal with a flood of corgi pics too, because my dog is seriously the cutest dog to ever live.

Hope to see you over there!

Look at those stumps! And those ears! And that snout! *crying face emoji*
See?? I can’t even. *crying face emoji again*

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