A butterfly trapped in a spider’s web

One of my co-workers died the night before Thanksgiving. That would have been sad enough. But what pushes this news into the tragic is that she wasn't some wizened old librarian. She wasn't someone who had been lucky enough to accumulate many decades. She wasn't someone who was at the end of a good, long… Continue reading A butterfly trapped in a spider’s web


Making time

So we're in the lull between holidays, the few days when you've finished cleaning up from Thanksgiving but haven't yet gotten sucked into the chaos of Christmas. (Well, if you're anything like me, you haven't.) This is the eye of the storm, the brief reprieve before you end up buried under an avalanche of wrapping paper and tinsel and… Continue reading Making time

Time, you elusive thing

Holy cow, it's been a month since my last post?? Where has the time gone?? So sorry for the lengthy absence, dear readers, but I'm back now and full of updates for your reading pleasure. Because I might not have been blogging but I sure wasn't idle. In fact, I ended up burning the candle… Continue reading Time, you elusive thing



So I wasn't entirely truthful in my last post. Yes, reading is important to me, probably THE most important thing when it comes to my mental health and well-being. But it's not the ONLY thing. There's something else that has become utterly vital to keeping me centered and grounded. I'm also a runner. It's taken… Continue reading Transformation