Apparently I'm worse at following through on things than I thought. I wanted to participate in Xtra Mile Recording's 30 Day Music Challenge during November, following the chart below, but I think I got to the 5th before fizzling out. Rudy had the right idea though - make it a blog post (I'd link to… Continue reading #XMR30Day


What I’m Spinning – D’You Know What I Mean?

"Comin' in a mess, goin' out in style..." Up until about twelve hours ago, I had planned on sharing something else entirely, a bluesy rock album I'd been grooving to all weekend. But then, as they're wont to do, the Gallagher brothers happened. I didn't feel the urge to go on an Oasis-driven binge when news broke… Continue reading What I’m Spinning – D’You Know What I Mean?

The soundtrack to my youth

So this has been making the rounds on Facebook - the top 10 albums that most affected you in your teen years. And OF COURSE I wanted to jump on board, but I thought it would be infinitely more fun to turn it into a blog post than to do it on Facebook. Who doesn't love… Continue reading The soundtrack to my youth



3 months 12 shows attended 28 artists seen 7 states traversed 2 road trips that weren't centered around a concert 5 beaches lounged upon 20 (at least) soft pretzels consumed over 1000 photos taken over 4000 miles driven dozens of friends made hundreds of memories made What did you do this summer?


“Some say you might lose your mind…”

Okay, I'm just gonna lay it all out there. I don't want there to be any secrets between us. Brace yourself... I completely and unabashedly love '90s music. All right, that's probably not terribly shocking. I grew up in the '90s, so it kind of stands to reason. Whatever the radio played back in those days was… Continue reading “Some say you might lose your mind…”