A butterfly trapped in a spider’s web

One of my co-workers died the night before Thanksgiving. That would have been sad enough. But what pushes this news into the tragic is that she wasn't some wizened old librarian. She wasn't someone who had been lucky enough to accumulate many decades. She wasn't someone who was at the end of a good, long… Continue reading A butterfly trapped in a spider’s web


Seizing the day…but having to give it back

I should in London right now. Really. I'm not speaking whimsically, but factually. Which is worse by far. Knowing that right now I should be standing in the middle of my favorite city on earth is KILLING me. A few weeks ago, the photographer Ben Morse announced that he was going to be opening a photo exhibition featuring his… Continue reading Seizing the day…but having to give it back

The difference two years makes

Philadelphia is a city with a bit of a reputation: gritty, hard-scrabble, rough around the edges. Its residents are plain-spoken with low tolerance for bullshit. Its nickname, the "City of Brother Love", is used with heavy sarcasm by anyone who lives within the city's media market, because we all know that if there isn't bad news, there's no news. Philadelphians throw snowballs… Continue reading The difference two years makes