My heart’s always theirs

Hi. It’s been a while, and for that you have my apologies. But don’t worry, I haven’t been idle. I’m not gonna give you a full recap of everything I've been up to since June though (at least, not today). Rather, I want to talk about last weekend, where so many good memories were made,… Continue reading My heart’s always theirs


My pin-up moment; or, why social media is awesome

Social media gets a bad rap. Yes, it has its unpleasant sides; the misinformation that spreads like wildfire, the bullying that can go on (although I think this happens more with the younger set, yes?), the plummeting sense of self-worth when you follow people who are seem to be far cooler than you (don't deny it,… Continue reading My pin-up moment; or, why social media is awesome

“Some kind of witchery implanted in me”

So we've established that I firmly believe that JD McPherson is the last bastion of true, honest-to-goodness rock 'n' roll. And because he surrounds himself with like-minded artists who are just as invested in preserving its heritage and integrity, one unexpected side effect of being a fan of his is discovering his associates too, bands I never would've known about… Continue reading “Some kind of witchery implanted in me”