A fine night to test what you know

I’m starting to wonder if the ripple effects from discovering Frank Turner will ever stop. There's always something, some association or connection made, that can be traced back to him. I’ve met so many brilliant, creative people and have been exposed to so much fantastic music because of him. And, if not for Frank, I… Continue reading A fine night to test what you know



3 months 12 shows attended 28 artists seen 7 states traversed 2 road trips that weren't centered around a concert 5 beaches lounged upon 20 (at least) soft pretzels consumed over 1000 photos taken over 4000 miles driven dozens of friends made hundreds of memories made What did you do this summer?

“Engineered to restore your faith in rock and roll”

I should be going to a concert tonight. Should be. I even rearranged my schedule to accommodate it. But this is one of those rare instances where irksome, distasteful adult things - you know, work and responsibility - have taken precedence. I'm disappointed but not too bitter, considering that I've seen this particular band before and… Continue reading “Engineered to restore your faith in rock and roll”