The Eighth Loser

I originally submitted this to my friend Rich Chizmar of Cemetery Dance Publications to be included as a guest essay for his Stephen King Revisited project. But after talking to him and getting his blessing (and since he's still a long way from revisiting IT), I decided the timing was right to share it with you… Continue reading The Eighth Loser


On my bookshelf – April

I need to step up my reading game. Once upon a time (pre-smartphone app distraction is the best I can figure), I was constantly reading. I loved Goodreads' annual reading challenge (and still do) - I can keep track of what books I've read during the course of the year AND it compiles all the… Continue reading On my bookshelf – April

Old friends, we meet again

In case you missed the post where I professed my love for the printed word, I'm a reader. The voracious kind. Insatiable. I have stacks and stacks of books checked out from my local library that will eventually be returned unread because I just cannot physically read that many (oh, but I long to). My own collection has exploded beyond the… Continue reading Old friends, we meet again