I can’t believe we even have to have this discussion

There’s an organization in the U.K. called Safe Gigs for Women founded with the primary goal of, kind of obviously, making gigs safe for women. Our neighbors across the pond have a real epidemic of women being harassed in one way or another at concerts and festivals, from physical assault to groping to outright rape.… Continue reading I can’t believe we even have to have this discussion


The last plot twist, I never saw it coming

"The chapters of your life might take you by surprise, and the last plot twist, you never saw it coming." Thanks, Arkells, for the perfect summation of my state of mind. Apparently I'm a music journalist now? Did NOT see that one coming. But to say that I'm thrilled wouldn't even come close to describing… Continue reading The last plot twist, I never saw it coming


3 months 12 shows attended 28 artists seen 7 states traversed 2 road trips that weren't centered around a concert 5 beaches lounged upon 20 (at least) soft pretzels consumed over 1000 photos taken over 4000 miles driven dozens of friends made hundreds of memories made What did you do this summer?