From the archives – Arkells in Philly and DC

*The first of my ICYMI series. Seeing as how these guys have made the news recently for receiving a spur-of-the-moment invitation by Team Canada to fly to PyeongChang to perform at the Olympics, I thought it'd be appropriate to share this. I had the good fortune to cover Arkells' east coast shows in November with… Continue reading From the archives – Arkells in Philly and DC



Apparently I'm worse at following through on things than I thought. I wanted to participate in Xtra Mile Recording's 30 Day Music Challenge during November, following the chart below, but I think I got to the 5th before fizzling out. Rudy had the right idea though - make it a blog post (I'd link to… Continue reading #XMR30Day

What I’m Spinning – Atlas Genius

"The future's not where it used to be." (This song is everything.) You guys know how I feel about opening acts - don't ever miss them and, if you've never heard of the band, listen to their set with an open mind. You might think you'll be bored and unimpressed, but I've found quite… Continue reading What I’m Spinning – Atlas Genius


My heart’s always theirs

Hi. It’s been a while, and for that you have my apologies. But don’t worry, I haven’t been idle. I’m not gonna give you a full recap of everything I've been up to since June though (at least, not today). Rather, I want to talk about last weekend, where so many good memories were made,… Continue reading My heart’s always theirs


What I’m Spinning – Fake Money

"Oh, it's just a game, a silly little game. Everyone's a fool so you don't take any blame. With entitled narcissism, you speak courageously. You're praying to gods who are meaningless to me. You're preying on the weak and those who don't believe." Letting the Arkells do the talking today. Get angry, people.


My culture, my home

This was supposed to be a maudlin, melancholy post. I'd been preparing it, almost bracing myself for it, for a few weeks, coming up with all sorts of anguished things to write as I waited for the event that took place this past Saturday. But Saturday has come and gone, and now that it's time to… Continue reading My culture, my home


“Last minutes and lost evenings”

I'm having one hell of a time harnessing my thoughts today, despite the fact that there's lots of 'em swirling around my head. And the longer I sit, staring at a blank computer screen, the more elusive those thoughts seem to be. It's been a while since I've seen this level of tired. The sort… Continue reading “Last minutes and lost evenings”