What I’m Spinning – Postcards from Ursa Minor

"And I remembered all the things that I used to care about and I realized that they have faded; they don't matter to me now. They are just moments in a lifetime which I'll never understand. Just a glance across a room, a cigarette burn on my hand; just a second of conversation on a Sunday… Continue reading What I’m Spinning – Postcards from Ursa Minor


My culture, my home

This was supposed to be a maudlin, melancholy post. I'd been preparing it, almost bracing myself for it, for a few weeks, coming up with all sorts of anguished things to write as I waited for the event that took place this past Saturday. But Saturday has come and gone, and now that it's time to… Continue reading My culture, my home

Pirate shanty punk rock. Or something.

My sister and I survived our jaunt to Philly to see Lucius (barely, no thanks to a car that didn't want to start and, once it finally got started, the worst rain/hailstorm I've ever had the displeasure of driving through), so after a scant five hours of sleep, I got to do it all over again. This… Continue reading Pirate shanty punk rock. Or something.