3 months 12 shows attended 28 artists seen 7 states traversed 2 road trips that weren't centered around a concert 5 beaches lounged upon 20 (at least) soft pretzels consumed over 1000 photos taken over 4000 miles driven dozens of friends made hundreds of memories made What did you do this summer?


My home away from home

For all the travelling I've done in my life and all the places I've visited, there are only few that I felt I could make my home. These places seemed to fit as comfortably as a cozy sweater. They gave me an immediate sense of belonging and an understanding that I could melt into the fabric of the… Continue reading My home away from home

Two halves of the same coin

I'm not saying this to elicit sympathy or anything - it's a simple statement of fact - but I don't have many friends. I never have. I'll probably elaborate more on this in the future, but for now it's sufficient for you to know that my social circle is small and has been for as… Continue reading Two halves of the same coin