In pictures

Wow. That's the only word I can think of to describe the response I received to my last post. The Sleeping Souls, wonderful guys that they are, read it and thought it summed up the atmosphere surrounding the Frank Turner family well enough that they shared it with their fans. And then Frank himself shared it. That post… Continue reading In pictures


“Engineered to restore your faith in rock and roll”

I should be going to a concert tonight. Should be. I even rearranged my schedule to accommodate it. But this is one of those rare instances where irksome, distasteful adult things - you know, work and responsibility - have taken precedence. I'm disappointed but not too bitter, considering that I've seen this particular band before and… Continue reading “Engineered to restore your faith in rock and roll”

Worshipping at the feet of goddesses

So about last weekend. Remember, that whole "three shows in four days thing"? I'm pretty sure that running on so little sleep for almost a week is what made me catch the mother of all illnesses, since I've been laid up with a fever ever since I got home. But was worth it. The festivities began… Continue reading Worshipping at the feet of goddesses