What I’m Spinning – Be More Kind by Frank Turner

I jumped on board the Frank Turner bandwagon a couple of months after he released his last album, Positive Songs for Negative People, which means that, while I reaped the benefits of his relentless, endless tour cycle (I ended up seeing him and the Sleeping Souls twenty times over an eighteen month span), I missed… Continue reading What I’m Spinning – Be More Kind by Frank Turner


The kindness of strangers

* Trying to carry on with business as usual feels a bit like fiddling while Rome is burning at this point. But this story isn’t so much for you – although I hope you’ll find resonance within it – as it is for me. Because I need to be reminded of the inherent goodness of… Continue reading The kindness of strangers

“If you’ve got my back, I’ll go on.”

This post has been a long time coming, but in retrospect, I'm glad I waited to write it. A lot has happened since I first thought to jot down these observations...events and interactions that have only strengthened my belief that I stumbled onto something pretty special. One of the things that stuck with me after my conversation with… Continue reading “If you’ve got my back, I’ll go on.”