What I’m Spinning – D’You Know What I Mean?

"Comin' in a mess, goin' out in style..." Up until about twelve hours ago, I had planned on sharing something else entirely, a bluesy rock album I'd been grooving to all weekend. But then, as they're wont to do, the Gallagher brothers happened. I didn't feel the urge to go on an Oasis-driven binge when news broke… Continue reading What I’m Spinning – D’You Know What I Mean?


The best kind of distraction

I know, I know. Seeing as how I'm recounting events that took place a month ago, this is a little overdue. (See my previous post for my excuses.) But I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention my last excursion for 2016, especially considering that it includes some of my favorite people. But… Continue reading The best kind of distraction