A lot can happen in a month

Hi, everyone. Yes, I’m still alive, and you once again have my sincerest apologies for the lack of content on here (it’s October already? How did that happen?). I may have vanished from my blog for a bit, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been idle or neglected my writing. On the contrary, things on that front are going pretty well indeed. You might have read my post from about six weeks ago where I, flabbergasted and dumbstruck, announced that I’d begun writing for an online music and arts magazine called SoundBite. My first feature was about one of my favorite musicians, Dave Hause.

It’s kind of snowballed since then.

I wrote about the Smith Street Band‘s show at Boot and Saddle in Philly.

I reviewed JD McPherson’s new album prior to its release.

JD McPherson
JD McPherson

Most recently, I had the honor of teaming up with my friend Rich (he who started the ball rolling in the first place) to review the last show of Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls‘ Positive Songs for Negative People tour.

Frank Turner
Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls
Tarrant Anderson
Nigel Powell
Frank Turner

It’s been a good month.

For someone who depends on her ability to use words, I just can’t seem to find the right ones to describe how ecstatically happy this makes me and how utterly grateful I am to SoundBite for giving me this opportunity. There’s something about all of this that just feels right. Maybe after all these years of wondering and searching, I’ve finally found what I’m meant to do.

I have some really exciting projects coming down the pike, so stay tuned.

(All photos are the property of Rich Russo, RP Russo Photography, and are used with permission.)


5 thoughts on “A lot can happen in a month

  1. […] and stress is starting to pay off. I’ve written more articles and reviews (in addition to that first batch) that have been published, all of which featured some of my favorite musicians…Arkells, Atlas […]


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