Anniversaries and missed deadlines

This is post number 52. Which, had things gone according to plan, should have been published two months ago. But nothing seems to go according to plan for me these days, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When I started my blog, I’d hoped to average about a post a week, if not more. Lofty goals, but that was back when I thought the content would be more like Rudy’s dribbles, rather than the novels I tend to write. I didn’t realize how damned time-consuming it would be to churn out something like this. Or this. Or this. So when my one-year anniversary (blogiversary?) rolled around at the end of March, I was a little behind.

But though it might take a little longer than I’d like before I’m ready to hit the “publish” button (and once I do, I still have to go back and add things and fix stupid errors that I missed in my excitement to share) (See? I literally just did that, with that last sentence), I think things are working out just fine. I’m proud of what I’ve put out there for the world to scrutinize. I’m proud that my words ring true to the people reading them and that I’ve been able to give voice to things that others feel. I’m proud that people I’ve never met in real life have come to know me through this space, and I them. I’m proud that these posts have become the foundation of my attempt to strive for and achieve more in this short, short life. I might have blown my self-imposed deadline, but really, I wouldn’t change a thing.

So thanks to all of you reading this now and to everyone who’s ever read any of my posts, or shared links, or retweeted, or mentioned it in your own blog. Those may seem like small things, but they’re not. Your support and encouragement mean the world. ❤

route 66


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