My home away from home

For all the travelling I’ve done in my life and all the places I’ve visited, there are only few that I felt I could make my home. These places seemed to fit as comfortably as a cozy sweater. They gave me an immediate sense of belonging and an understanding that I could melt into the fabric of the area as seamlessly as if I’d been there forever. One such place, the one I return to time and again, is upstate New York. And when I say “upstate,” I mean pretty much everything beyond the Hudson Valley – the Adirondacks, the Capital region, the Finger Lakes, the windwhipped plateaus of the north…I claim them all. I have an attachment to all of those areas for one reason or another. I’ve vacationed there, attended college there. Most of my friends live there, and one day I will too. But for now, I content myself with visiting as often as I can.

This year my best friend and I decided that the lakeside town of Watkins Glen would be a fantastic place for our girls’ weekend away. Ang grew up not far from there, but I’d never been, so she was the perfect tour guide.

The pier at Seneca Harbor Park

We got a bit of a late start in looking at places to stay and were alarmed to realize that almost every hotel and inn was fully booked for the weekend we wanted to visit. But what could have been a disaster ended up being a stroke of luck – in our desperation, we looked into the Harbor Hotel, the new, gorgeously appointed hotel right on the water…and managed to snag the last available room. We were too relieved about finding a place to stay to care that it was a bit more expensive than we’d planned. And once we got there and saw that we’d somehow landed a luxurious suite with a balcony overlooking the harbor, the cost suddenly became a non-issue.

The view from our room

We managed to squeeze in a lot during the forty-eight hours we were there:

Wine tasting at various vineyards on the lake…

The vineyard at Glenora

Sampling local beer everywhere we stopped…

Starkey’s Lookout
Rooster Fish Brewing

…and just relaxing on the balcony and at the pool. At dusk on our last evening there we hiked the Gorge, an unforgettable experience in one of the most magical, awe-inspiring places I’ve ever seen. Two weeks removed from it, I already know that it’s going to become a favorite and treasured memory.


Looking at my photos, I’m longing to go back. And one day I will. When it comes to New York, I always do.


4 thoughts on “My home away from home

  1. It was one of the best weekends with you babes! We are so fortunate to have this time to explore such beautiful places without having to venture too far. I was reminded of how beautiful Mother Nature is. It’s easy to forget that a phenomenon like the Gorge isn’t everywhere. Where do we go next?

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    1. I can’t believe you hadn’t taken me there sooner. 😉 We really are lucky to have so much beauty so close at hand. Time to start brainstorming for next year!


  2. Thanks for refreshing memories. How many folks realize that Hammondsport, N.Y. was the true home of Aviation? The Glenn Curtis museum in this small Finger Lakes town only miles from Watkins Glenn returns one to the America from bicycle shop to the WW I Jenny in less than a decade. My last time in Upstate N.Y. was 2000, a family trip to show my then youngest 13 year old daughter my school Union College, and Bath N.Y. where her Great-Grandmother knew Glenn well.


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