“A grand adventure is about to begin…”

I know that my readers wait with bated breath for my every post (heh), but I’m going to be the bearer of bad news and let you know that they’re going to be a little more infrequent over the coming weeks (hopefully not TOO much more infrequent though, otherwise I might as well just pack it in). It’s not because I’ve forgotten you or am neglecting you, wonderful people of the blogosphere. It’s because I’m out doing research and gathering information for future posts…otherwise known as enjoying the hell out of the rest of the summer. My calendar from now until the end of August is full to the brim with familiar faces and haunts, new experiences and adventures. I’ll try to not let too much time lapse in between posts, but rest assured that you’ll definitely get the full scoop of my goings-on at some point. So in the words of some scruffy English guy that I admire – I’ll see you when I see you!

Philadelphia, July 2015
Dewey Beach, DE, July 2015
Lake George, NY, July 2015

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